A Smarter, Quicker Atlanta

By leveraging the latest technology, Atlanta is transforming the way we move.


Atlanta Airport

There is a sensory network comprised of 1000’s of sensors in the airport lighting throughout the facility that leverage this technology to improve the passenger experience (avoiding wait times, find available parking, locate dining/shopping, report conditions or suspicious activity and request wheelchair assistance.)

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Delta Airlines

Delta was the first carrier to install RFID readers for Cargo tracking and is also leveraging this technology at their Cargo Control Center. They are making their operations more efficient and the flying experience better for their passengers.

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Mobi’s Digital Mobility Center

In the Digital Mobility Center, Mobi is transforming traffic data into predictive and optimized actionable insights in real time - providing full mobility situational awareness and helping the city make changes to traffic signal timing and traffic police deployment.

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Department of Transportation

The DOT is spending $18 million — including state and federal funds — to upgrade all 9,500 traffic signals in Georgia with smart signal software. This innovation leads to insights into the causes of accidents and reduces accidents themselves.

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Ray Foundation’s Mission Zero

Alongside the Department of Transportation, the foundation is testing a mixture of both high and low-end solutions that make highways greener and safer. The organizers call it Mission Zero: zero carbon, zero deaths, zero waste, zero impact.

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Smart Corridor

The corridor will serve as a public demonstration and “living lab” for Internet of Things (IoT) deployment, data collection and analytics, connected and autonomous vehicles, and unique partnerships to fundamentally transform how Atlanta plans for, designs and operates its transportation infrastructure.

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Future of AI

Climate change. Growing populations. Limited resources. Cities everywhere are leading the way in preparing for an uncertain future. Faster than national governments, cities all over the world are nimbly moving forward and developing technology to keep their citizens healthy and happy.

Future of AI

Autonomous Vehicles

Cars now have the capability of parallel parking on their own, seeing and heeding oncoming traffic, predicting merge time and gauging accurate speed. They can sense light and darkness and adjust their high beams accordingly. Fully automated cars are near.

Air Travel

It’s hard to imagine that air travel, which uses so much fuel, can ever be sustainable. But KLM is making steady progress. The Dutch airline is on track to approach stronger sustainability in the next decade or two.

Air Travel

Public Transportation

Atlanta’s official public transit authority, MARTA has the opportunity to make public transportation a truly sustainable part of our city. Every MARTA bus keeps at least 20 cars off the road, cutting down on the traffic congestion and decreasing carbon emissions.

Public Transportation