Diversity and Inclusion at UPS


One of the most recognizable brands in the world, UPS (United Parcel Service) has been headquartered just outside Atlanta since 1991. The company has multiple divisions and subsidiaries, all devoted to shipping and logistics, including a cargo airline, freight-based shipping operation, retail stores, etc. UPS reaches across every state in the United States, and multiple international locations as well. In 2015 the company changed its slogan and replaced it with a play on its acronym, highlighting its logistical prowess, to “United Problem Solvers.”

UPS has long had a commitment to diversity and inclusion in its workforce, though its dissemination of this core value is not the same operationally as with many other organizations. Due to the nature of UPS’ work, where most employees are not at desk jobs, UPS must put in extra effort to communicate internally what the organization holds as a core belief system. In tandem with the organization’s 110th anniversary in 2017, for example, UPS Chairman and CEO David Abney distributed a letter to senior leaders across the organization, urging them to distribute a booklet to employees called “A Legacy of Diversity: Living an Inclusive Culture.”

To supplement these messages from leadership, UPS also incorporates what are termed “Business Resource Groups,” which bring together different affinities and identities within the organization to offer support, networking and other resources for groups such as women, veterans, Hispanic/Latino workers, etc. These groups are proven to have a clear and substantial business benefit, as well, since their public activities highlight diversity in the organization, a facet of UPS which many potential new customers identify with and can relate to when making purchase decisions.

UPS is particularly supportive of its LGBTQ employees, and UPS employees participated in over a dozen Pride-month events in 2019. The company is consistently ranked on “Best Place to Work” lists for LGBT employees. The organization as well recently signed on to the Human Rights Campaign’s “Business Statement on Transgender Equality,” which reaffirms that the company will oppose legal or administrative attempts to roll back protections on the rights of transgender people. 

UPS also actively courts people from diverse backgrounds in its recruiting process. Information on diversity and inclusion is prominently displayed on the recruiting website of the organization, with links to additional information and resources. 

In sum, working in over 200 countries and with a distributed, multicultural workforce, UPS has recognized that diversity is important both to its employees but as a business interest, as well, and aims to support diversity and inclusion in the organization through many different initiatives.

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